We offer a complete scaffolding service for your needs

Specialist equipment

Adam’s Scaffolding Services supply the finest quality tools and accessories from around the world to construction, commercial, industrial and residential clients to assist with scaffolding needs, making the job easier and safer.

Harnesses, lanyards and static lines

Full-body harnesses are genuine working tools that allow you to get on with your job without worrying about safety.

Lanyards, used in conjunction with full-body harnesses assist with fall protection and safety. Lanyards are generally used in various fall arrest situations, and are designed to limit the force of a sustained fall to keep yourself safe.

Temporary static line rope is used for jobs where a long length of area is required on a short-term basis. We provide hook on lines for your harness to help you complete the job with ease.

Aluminium stairs

We provide a large range of aluminium stairs to suit your scaffolding job requirements. Just provide us with the height and we combine the stairs to match.

Edge protection, hand rails and swing gates

Adam’s Scaffolding Solutions has a large range of roof edge protection systems and hand rails. Reducing safety risk is very important and we have scaffolding solutions that are easily transportable and easy to put together to fit your job.

Swing gates sit on the edge of your job and serve as a means of protecting you travelling outside the boundary of the scaffolding. Adam’s Scaffolding Solutions has a variety of swing gates for your working needs.

Get in touch

For any general scaffolding enquiries, custom scaffolding quotes, commercial solutions and product questions please contact the friendly team at Adam’s Scaffolding Services by phone 0427 391 521 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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